Can you put a litecup in the freezer?

Yes, placing a litecup filled with water in the freezer will not affect its operation. Take care to leave space in the cup for the ice to expand.

Can you put hot drinks (tea, coffee, etc.) in a litecup?           
No, the litecup is not suitable for hot drinks.

Can you place other liquids beside water in a litecup?
Yes, other liquids, such as milk or juice, are suitable for use in the litecup, excluding fizzy drinks.

How do you clean a litecup?
Litecups are dishwasher safe. The lid simply unscrews and the seal can be popped out. All of the components, apart from the litebase, can then be placed into the dishwasher, just pop out the litebase/unit on the bottom of the cup before washing.The litebase can be washed by hand with a soapy cloth.

How long does the battery last?
The LED is very low power and switches off automatically when the ambient light levels rise. The battery life varies and generally one battery lasts around 1-3 months. The light can be switched off manually to conserve battery life.

Can I replace the battery in the litebase? 
The litecup battery can be replaced by clicking out the base and clicking the base apart to get to the battery or in the new bases just insert coin/blunt tool into slot turn the 

Are the batteries lithium and can children access them? 
Yes the batteries are lithium but they are NOT accessible to children, they are encased in a plastic pod which clips into the base of the cup. You need to undo a screw and also turn a slot with a coin or blunt object before it can be opened.

Please see full instructions on the Usage and Care of your Litecup page. Of course, an exhausted battery does not affect your ability to drink from the cup. The batteries are CR2032 and can be found at a relatively low cost (often around 50 cents per battery).

What is the dimensions of the litecup and little litecup and how much liquid do they hold? 
The Litecup stands 160mm tall, is 80mm in diameter, it hold 330mls of liquid.
The Little Litecup stands 140mm, is 80mm in diameter, it holds 220mls of liquid. The Litecup Baby stands 110mm, is 80mm in diameter, it holds 200mls of liquid.

Is the litecup 100% non-spill? 
Litecups are a fantastic non-spill cup. We have had lots of great feedback about how great the cup is to use and how it really is non-spill. However, if you try really hard (for example shaking the cup aggressively while holding upside down or throwing it against the ground) it will spill. Also if the seal is lifted slightly while the cup is leaning against something then it will allow liquid to leak out.

What payment options do you offer? 
Our payments are processed by Shopify for Credit Cards, Direct Deposit or by PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay either with a PayPal account or with a credit card on the PayPal checkout page. Please note that when paying using direct deposit, your order will not be sent until funds are cleared, which is usually takes around one business day. 

Where are your items shipped from? All orders are shipped from Adelaide, Australia. If you happen to be in the SA and would like to organise pickup, please select “local pickup” at checkout.

Do you provide international shipping?
No, as we are the Australian Distributor for litecups, we can only ship domestically within Australia.

How long should I allow for shipping? We make every attempt to post all orders within 2 business days. Shipping time can vary, as an example, orders on the Eastern seaboard should be received within 2-5 business days.

Can I combine items for shipping?
Yes, each item has a weight which calculates which shipping cost will be displayed for selection in your shopping cart, for example orders up to 500 grams can allow 2 litecups or 3 little litecups to be shipped before the shipping cost goes into the next rate.

Who are we?
Litecup Australia is the Australian distributor of litecups in Australia. We welcome wholesale enquiries. If you are interested in becoming a litecup stockist, please contact us at 'Become a Stockist' and let us know a little bit about your business.